Article Title

Scan Option Missing in 5.8.1 and up





Software version

5.8.1 and up


In GVD 5.8.1 and up, a user may claim to have purchased the Print Inspection Add-On but does not have access to the Scan import button as seen below:


The following steps can be followed to enable the scan option for customers that have purchased the Print module:

  1. Remote Access GVD (using Admin account) and navigate to the “User Manager” window

  2. In the “User Manager” window “Manage groups” as seen below:

    NOTE: All users have Administrator level access but the “Print” option is not enabled

  3. In the “Group management” window, ensure that the print option is enabled for the corresponding group (In the image below, we need to ensure that “Administrators” have access to Print):

  4. Log out of the application and close GlobalVision

  5. Upon restart, log in as Admin and you should now see the print option enabled: