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False Color Differences Reported in GlobalVision





GlobalVision text inspection will sometimes identify color differences in large groups of text even though the color inspection module identifies no discernible difference between the font colors (See images below):

GVD Text Inspection Results:

GVD Color Inspection Results:

In some cases, there is no real difference in font color, but when further analyzing the differences list in the text inspection, it appears the colors change from CMYK to RBG (See screenshot below):

This indicates that there is perhaps a difference in the color mode used in the master and sample files. This can be confirmed by opening the files in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and navigating to Print Production → Output Overview:

From this window, you can filter fonts to appear based on the color mode that defines them. By default, All color modes are shown but if we filter by DeviceCMYK, we can identify the difference between the master and sample.