Account Creation

Once the Administrator creates your account, an email will be sent allowing you to create a password to finalize the account details.

Welcome to Verify Window
  • Click Create Password

    • Verify password creation window will launch

  • Enter your new password

    • Enter it a second time for confirmation

  • Click Create a New Password

Create Password Window

Password Criteria

  • At least 8 characters in length

  • Contain at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters

    • Lower case letters (a-z)

    • Upper case letters (A-Z)

    • Numbers (i.e. 0-9)

    • Special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*)

If the password meets the criteria, a message will display indicating the successful creation of your password:

‘Your password has been created successfully'.

You will then be prompted to log in.

Verify supports Google Chrome browser for all versions of the application, as well as Microsoft Edge from version 2022.2 and up.


Logging in

Note: Account creation step must be complete before logging into Verify.

  • Once logged in, the Verify home page will display.

Logging out

  • Click the name displayed at the top right corner

  • Click Logout from the dropdown

  • You will then be prompted back to the login screen.

Forgot password

In case you forget your password,

  • Click Forgot Password from the login page

    • You will be prompted to enter your email address associated with your account

  • Enter your email address

  • Click Send Email

    • You will then get a message informing you that an email was sent to reset your password

  • Check your emails and follow the instructions to enter a new password

  • Click Reset Password

    • Verify password reset window will launch

  • Enter your new password as requested

  • Click Change Password

If the password meets the criteria, a message will display indicating the successful reset of your password:

‘Your password has been reset successfully'.

  • You will then be prompted to log in.

  • Once logged in, the Verify home page will display.

My Account

  • Click on the name displayed at the top right corner to access your account information.

  • Click My Account

Note: For the User access group, the only available rights will be the ones under the Settings tab.


The General tab provides information on the 'team member’ (user) such as their name and email address. Only the first name and last name can be edited by the user.


In the Security tab, users can change their passwords.


Programmatically uploaded files and download reports with the Verify APIs.

Once the API key is generated, it can be pasted into the 3rd part app.

General Tools

The toolbar located at the top of the Source and New panels appears when files are uploaded in Verify.

The tools provide the user with options to change the page display and navigation (Page rotation, zooming, panning, etc.).

Note: The toolbar remains visible across all stages of the inspection (Prep, Results, and Report)

Thumbnail Panel

The 1. Thumbnail Panel previews the file’s corresponding pages for quick navigation within any multi-page document.

Additionally, this view allows you to check/uncheck pages that you want to include/exclude during the inspection.

Page Navigation

2. Page Navigation allows the user to select which page to display.

  • Click the up/down arrows on the Page Navigation box to change the pages, hit enter to apply.


  • Enter the page number directly in the Page Navigation box, and hit enter to apply.


To 3. Zoom, Click + or - on both Source or New documents.


  • Ctrl+Scroll upward with the trackwheel.


  • Ctrl + Scroll downward with the trackwheel.

Additional Zoom Options

Additional 4. Zoom Options allows the user to change the Zoom/Page view levels using the items in this dropdown.

Fit to Width
  • Fit either the Source or New file to its width.

Fit the Page
  • Fit the entire page in the Source or New panel.

By Zoom in/out Value
  • Choose between different zoom values from the list. The range is between 10% and 800%

Marquee Zoom

Used as a faster way to zoom into a particular area.

To Zoom into an area with Marque Zoom:

  • Click Marquee Zoom then click and ‘crop’ the desired region. Once you unclick, an automatic zoom is performed onto the selected area.

  • To disable Marquee Zoom, click the dropdown again and select ‘Cancel Marquee Zoom’.

Rotate Right

To rotate the Source/New file 90º clockwise, click on 5. Rotate Right.

Note:  Only the active page is rotated, not the entire document

Sync Scrolling

6. Sync Scrolling allows for simultaneous scrolling between the Source and New Panels. This also allows for synchronized panning and zooming.

When enabled, the Sync Scrolling button turns red. Click again to disable it.


The options under the 7. Settings icon allows users to display live text and/or any annotations made on the uploaded documents.

Show Live Text

The live text tool shows all live text in the Source or New panel by highlighting all areas containing live text. 

To Show Live Text:

  • Toggle on or off the corresponding Show Live Text icon. 

Show Annotations

Show Annotations displays existing annotations on both Source and New files in both the Prep and Results stages.

It is toggled On by default.