Once the results have been viewed, following the instructions from Step 3: Viewing the Results, the user can click on the Report tab, to generate a report. The report viewer will then provide a preview of the annotated document.

Reminder: The inspection process goes through three stages:

  • 1. Prep

  • 2. Results

  • 3. Report

The preview will show the document uploaded in the New panel along with all the differences that were found. Each difference, as seen in the Results tab, will be inside a red box.

When hovering over each red box, difference details appear as they were displayed in the Difference List from the previous step.

Note: Only the difference types checked from the Filter button (from the Prep tab) appear in the report. Discarded differences don’t appear in the report.

File Name

You can assign a File Name to the Inspection Report and include the necessary information you see fit.

  • Click on the text field underneath File Name and enter the name according to your preference or company standards. The name is saved as soon as you’re done typing and will be used as the name of the downloaded PDF.

Download Report

Once a name is provided, choose a destination.

Note: Unless Verify is integrated with a Partner Platform, the only option in the Destination dropdown is Download.

Click Download Report to download an annotated PDF document.