1. Password reset

As an admin, click System Setup

Edit User:

Find the User in the List and click Send under Password Reset

As a user click Profile and enter your new password

2. Can I go back in previous reports and review them again.

Yes on the GlobalVision Home you have access to previous Projects that have been created by the user.

3. Can I download a report that I cant find anymore.

Yes on the GlobalVision Home you have access to downloading your past Projects ( On the right hand Side of the Project).
Select the Project and then Click on download selected file:

4. When doing a text inspection, How can I upload multiple Master files?

On the Text Inspection Page under Select Master File you have the option to Add files +

5. Forgot Password

Click Forgot Password? on the login page.

6. After running a Text Inspection, can I switch to another module using the same files?

Yes, using Quick Switcher at the bottom of the page.

7. Can I see all the differences instead of having to click the next button one at a time?

Yes, you can click on the difference list button:

8. Can I run a Graphics inspection and a barcode inspection at the same time?

Yes, make sure to Enable Barcode when

9. When running a text inspection with several pages can I choose only certain pages to inspect?

Yes, preparing files to inspect after clicking Start you can select the pages to include/exclude.

To select multiple pages, hold Ctrl/Shift key and click on the desired page numbers.

10. Can I exclude a certain section during the Text inspection?

Yes, use the Cross out Text tool: