Issue: As all computers can have different viewing settings some webpages may appear differently from one computer to another. This could be due to multiple reasons like :

  1. The layout of the page exceeding your display settings.

  2. Zoom level on your browser being too high.

We will explore these situations below:

Layout of the page exceeding your display settings

Some webpages (such as GlobalVision Web) require the screen resolution to be 1920x1080.

If you are using a smaller screen (for example laptop) a resolution that high can sometimes push content outside the limits of the screen.

To overcome this, one such option is to reduce your screen layout. Typically, Windows pushes this to a higher than normal level.

To access that page click on the start button and type Screen Resolution and pick the option Change the resolution of the display.

Once clicked, you will be brought to the display settings window, scroll down until you find the section Scale and Layout.

As you can see from above, the current setting is at 150%, reducing this to a smaller value (125% or even 100%) will automatically adjust your screen allowing you to see more content all at once.

Please note that this will affect the entire display of Windows which affects not only your internet browser session but all applications.

Zoom level on your browser is too high

Another option that is sometimes overlooked is the Zoom level of your internet browser being too high.

This can be viewed and modified using the following method:

  • While in Google Chrome click the small three dots on the right side to bring up the menu options.

By using the - (minus) button you can reduce the zoom of the page.