Answer: Activating GlobalVision Desktop with a computer key while offline

To activate your GlobalVision license key while offline, you must have a computer key. To do this, there are three options available.

Note: another Internet-connected computer or smartphone is required.

Option A

Use the GlobalVision Licensing Self-Help website (preferred method)

  1. In the Licensing Wizard, click Activate your license, then Activate Offline. Enter your activation key in the designated field. 

  2. On a separate, Internet-connected device, visit the GlobalVision Self Help page. Click Activate a license. Enter your activation key in the designated field, then select your GlobalVision product from the dropdown list. 

GlobalVision License Wizard

GlobalVision Licensing Self-Help Page

  • Copy the Computer Identifier from the License Wizard to the designated field on the Self-Help page. Then click Activate on the Self Help page.

  • Copy the generated computer key into the designed field in the License Wizard, then click Activate on the License Wizard. Click Finish. 

Option B

Using the Scan QR Code option within the License Wizard

Note: This method requires a smartphone with a QR scanner app.
Known issue: Depending on the QR scanner app used, this option can sometimes mark your system as 'Activated' before providing you with the required computer key. If this happens, please contact to activate your license.

Using the GlobalVision License Wizard, click 'Activate your license', then 'Activate Offline'. Enter your Activation Key in the designated field, then click the Scan QR Code link.

You will be redirected to a page with your computer key. Copy this computer key to the designed field within the License Wizard. Click Activate, then click Finish.

Option C

Contact GlobalVision Support to request your computer key