Question: While installing the GVD 5.7.1 application, a ‘Postgres’ error message was displayed and the installation stopped. What do I do?


PostgreSQL, commonly known as Postgres, is the open-source free-to-use relational database management system utilized by the GVD 5.7.1 desktop application.

If while installing the GVD 5.7.1 application, you encounter the warning/error:

Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly.
Error running pg_restore.exe -username postgres - dbname artproof C:\Users\[Local User]\AppData\local\Temp\DefaultDatabase.dat:PG_RES-2: too many command-line arguments (first is [Local User]\AppData\local\Temp\DefaultDatabase.dat)

Please check that the user name of the Windows account does not contain a space. For example, John Doe may be the cause of the issue and can be resolved by removing the space.

Please contact for assistance.