Question: Is there a way to determine what version of Postgres I currently have installed on my workstation PC?


To find the installed Postgres version associated with the local GVD install, please consider the following steps:

  1. Launch the ‘Command Prompt’ application just as is by clicking the windows button on the taskbar, typing ‘cmd’ into the search bar at the bottom as shown in the photo below, and pressing the ‘Enter’ button. You may alternatively decide to launch ‘Command Prompt’ as an administrator by clicking ‘Run as administrator’ on the right-hand side of the photo shown below.

  2. Type ‘postgres --version’ after ‘C:\windows\system32>' (if launched as an administrator) or 'C:\Users\[local user name]>’ (if not launched as an administrator).

  3. Press 'Enter'. The version of the Postgres database is shown.