Question 1:

Are PDF page boxes supported in GlobalVision Desktop?

Yes. Pre-defined Media, Crop, or Trim boxes are supported and can be selected in the PDF Viewer. 

When a PDF or AI file is loaded, the PDF Viewer launches. 

The PDF Page Boxes drop-down list is under the Options panel on the left side.

Question 2:

How do I activate my GlobalVision Desktop software?

If your GlobalVision Desktop software needs to be activated, the GlobalVision License Wizard launches. Follow the steps to activate your license online using the license key provided to you by email upon purchase. The Application launches after the correct key has been entered in the corresponding prompt and you've clicked Finish.

Question 3:

How big is the largest file I can load in GlobalVision Desktop?

Loading files for inspection in GlobalVision Desktop.

You can load master and sample files up to 28” x 40” at 600 DPI in color.

Question 4:

Can I go back to the original page with Layers and Separations even after clicking the Inspection Button?

Question 5:

Do I need to close GV application in order to upload new files?

Question 6:

How to save your report in your desired space(Folder)?