Summary: GVD installer allows being installed in an unattended mode (without UI, through command line).

In order to do so, you will have to manually select which module to install from the list below:

  • GlobalVision (GVD itself)

  • CmdLineTools (SDK)

  • License (Offline license server)

  • Postgress (Our database software)

You will also have to specify a bunch of arguments:

  • MysqlServer (IP of Postgres database)

  • SerialNum "XXXX-0000-XXX-XXXXXXXXX-00-000"

  • LicHostServer (IP of offline license server, if any)

For example, if to install GVD, without PostgresSQL, as it’s already installed on other machine located at but with the SDK, the following would be needed:

.\GlobalVision-5.11.0.exe --mode unattended --enable-components GlobalVision,CmdLineTools --MysqlServer --SerialNum NNNN-0000-NNN-NNNNNNNNN-00-000