1. GVD 5.8.2 Interface

In order to perform Braille backside scanning with Epson Perfection V600 user needs to follow these steps in the GVD interface for initial setup:


  • Select Epson scanner in the 'Select Source'

  • Create 'Braille Action' for backside braille translation using Admin account

  • Expand 'Action' dropdown

  • Select 'Settings'

  • Click 'Add' button

  • Give profile name e.g. Translate Sample BacksideScan

  • Select 'Action' as 'Sample' and Braille Type as 'Backside'

  • Click 'Update'

  • Click 'Close'

  • Select newly added action

2. Epson Interface for Braille Backside Scan

  • Scanner Name: Epson Perfection V600

  • Epson Driver Version: US

  • Mode: Professional Mode


  • Unsharp Mask → Uncheck

  • Configuration → Other → Check 'Show Texture' option. (Each time you scan, this option has to be checked manually).

Click Inspect in GVD 5.8.2 Interface. Scan using Epson Scanner with the above-mentioned settings.