Release date: 16 Jul. 2012

Bug Fixes

  • Optimization of code to increase the speed of switching between sets, browsing the Difference Grid and applying filter selection (on par with Version 1.3.0).

  • Improved file-loading speed and reading-order correction logic with modified overlapping text-block algorithm.

  • Added adjustable error margin (INI file) for overlapping text-block algorithm.

  • Corrected Asian font functionality to ensure that the logic is only applied if the option is enabled.

  • Changed encoding of the custom dictionary from ANSI to UTF-8.

  • Application does not crash if Email Report option is clicked while report pages are still being loaded.

  • All new selections (partial/ option changes) for an existing set are cleared when navigating through the results of the existing set.

  • Able to load projects with non-printable characters (specific bullets).

  • Corrected scenarios where Asian language logic is not taking effect.

  • Corrected application crash while loading PDF files created by ActivePDF Toolkit.

  • Ability to review a user dictionary for a set where the dictionary may have changed between sets.