Release date: 04 Aug. 2011


  • Complete project functionality.

  • Optional Medical Dictionary (English).

  • Expanded list of supported languages (spellcheck).

  • Addition of Adobe annotations (sticky notes) on the appended Revision report.

  • Ability to add a word to the User Dictionary by right-clicking it in the document.

  • Ability to select multiple differences in the Grid and apply the same comments and levels.

  • Ability to select multiple differences in the Grid and remove the comments and levels.

  • Ability to select comments and levels by right-clicking in the Difference Grid.

  • Ability to specify tolerance value for font-size differenced.

  • Improved difference highlight colors for better visibility.

  • Ability to customize the difference highlight colors (Admin option only).

  • New spacing logic for white-space replacement (Admin option only).

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the speed of loading files with heavy graphics.

  • Options to remove underline detection to speed up file loading (if required).

  • Ability to detect and report single-character font differences.

  • Ability to identify bold and italic font styles based on font names.

  • Improved spellcheck detection logic.

  • Improved display of spelling errors in Difference Grid.

  • Improved zoom to be able to see text with very small fonts.

  • Improved accuracy of comparison progress bar (additional status updates).

  • Improved partial text-inspection functionality (extra text not being included).

  • Improved uninstall functionality.

  • Corrected number placement and highlighting on the appended Revision document for rotated documents (inspection report).

  • XML files are loaded with respective style sheets.

  • All variations of black color font type accepted (less false positives).

  • Corrected a crash in the report if comments are very long (>255 characters).