Authored by: John Petrie 
Created on: September 30, 2020

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Character Equivalency for GVD 5.7.1


Informational / Troubleshooting


GlobalVision Desktop

Software version

5.7.1 and up



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When performing a Text Inspection, some characters that read the same but have different Unicode values will be flagged as a difference.

This was an issue found with Cyrillic characters used in certain European languages.

 To avoid the inspection from finding false differences for characters that are the same, we can add these Unicode values to the Text Inspection profile, under the section Character Equivalency.



  1. Navigate to the folder path:   C:\ProgramData\GlobalVision\Text        

  2. Make a copy of a Text Inspection profile which would suite the type of inspection being done

  3. Open the newly created XML file and find the section “<CharEquivalency CharEquivalencyList= >


 For the software to read the Unicode values as matching, we need to set them equal to each other. For instance, the syntax “0X064a:0x06cc” is read as:

  •  Unicode value U+064a is equal to U+06cc, using the “:” as the equal sign.


Please note the format of adding additional values to the Character Equivalency list.

  • Each Unicode section begins with:   &lt;

  • And then ends with:    &gt;;

  • Example:    &lt;0X25aa:0Xf0a7&gt;;