Release Date: 5th July, 2021

GlobalVision Desktop PC Version 5.9.0 is a validated PC release. The purpose of this release is to create a more flexible way of deploying GVD, by providing the options of offline licensing and individual module activation. 

New Features

  • Site filtering feature available in the Audit Trail to manage large deployments on multiple sites.

  • Offline licensing capabilities for installations without an internet connection.


  • Installer Update - Easier deployment options to make it more intuitive

  • Username logged in is automatically populated and grayed out in the Electronic Signature window

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - ‘Force review of all differences’ not working when inspecting 2 or more pages

  • Fixed - No warning message appears when trying to save a report with special characters

  • Fixed - Incorrect tracking of new Text profiles in the Audit Trail

  • Fixed - Wordlist modification for Spelling inspection in the Audit trail is not tracked

  • Fixed - Unlimited freeform comment length causes application to stop responding

  • Fixed - Preset comments and Reporting levels changes not tracked in the Audit Trail

  • Fixed - Saving Braille surface and threshold views displays incorrectly in the Audit Trail

  • Fixed - ‘Files do not match’ window displays after canceling an inspection

  • Fixed - Difference list issue when clicking ‘Group Duplicates’

  • Fixed - Report generated after disabling ‘Domain signature’ when signing with a domain account

  • Fixed - Copying existing profile name does not show a warning message

  • Fixed - Default Braille Actions can be modified when they should be read-only

+More bugs fixes

To upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop PC 5.9.0 please contact: