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5.8.1 Barcode MAC

Release Date: 25th January 2021

GlobalVision Desktop MAC Version 5.8.1 Barcode is an official MAC release. This release includes the Text, Graphics, Spelling, and Barcode modules from GVD 5.8.1 PC. This version supports Apple Mac OS 11.0 Big Sur.

New Features

Ability to run Barcode inspections on MAC.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Rotation is extremely slow for some files. MAC.

  • Fixed - LDAP connection is not working on MAC.

  • Fixed - Login fails when domain group login is enabled.

  • Fixed - State barcode type is not checked in the default profile but the barcode is detected.

  • Fixed - Validation tools for barcode missing in the default validation folder.

  • Fixed - HR code is not detected for Barcodes.

  • Fixed - Entire decoded value of the barcode is not displayed.

  • Fixed - The barcode detail window size is different for barcode types.

  • Fixed - Digimarc module cannot be enabled for the MAC barcode for any user group.

  • Fixed - Barcode found text color and highlight color are such that it's hard to read the highlighted barcode.

  • Fixed - Random Crashes occurring while working with MAC.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop 5.8.1 Barcode MAC please fill out the Request Upgrade form, via our download page: Product Download

Please note, our Customer Support team shall only be able to upgrade you, if you are already on the GVD 5.8.1 version, and looking to install our Barcode module.

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