Release date: 23 Oct. 2019

GlobalVision Desktop 5.7.1 is a validated PC release. It features a variety of improvements to the software. Updates were most notably made to Barcode and Braille Inspection modes.


  • “Raster documents after zoom” feature now applies to Barcode Inspection.

  • Barcode Inspection support for colored Pharmacode codes.

  • Optical Character Recognition tool gets greyed out for all modes except Spelling.

  • Pantone builder detects uncoated and extended gamut swatches.

  • Color Inspector window updated.

  • Braille dots no longer appear filled in Surface and Threshold images.

  • “Above Threshold” Braille parameter changed to “% Acceptable”.

  • Color-scheme of Page Selection toolbar updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Automatic cropping for Braille height adjusted to compensate for scanner variance.

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