Release date: 26 Apr. 2019

GlobalVision Desktop 5.5 is a PC release with several new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.


  • The ability to preprocess files as they load, so actual inspections run faster.

  • The ability to raster files after zooming during text/ spelling inspections, so they appear less pixelated.

  • Improved Text and Spelling Inspection processing speed.

  • Pop-up menus replace Level and Comment drop-downs in Text and Spelling Inspection, so Difference List loads 400% faster.

  • Improved Spelling Inspection logic with regard to punctuation.

Bug Fixes

  • Adobe libraries upgrade for improved handing of layers and separation/ process color selections.

  • Improved logic for Braille direction detection.

  • Live text with font weight of at least 500 now considered bold to prevent false differences.

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