Release date: 20 Nov. 2018

GlobalVision Desktop 5.3.0 is a non-validated general-maintenance PC release with several new features and bug fixes, a focus having been placed on improving the Application's user-friendliness to a greater degree. 


  • Search functionality added to Text Inspection to show potential Sample matches to selections in Master when creating zones or resynching differences. 

  • Point to Point action added to Color Inspection Mode, so users can choose the specific points in the Sample to compare to each point selected on Master.

  • Color Picker window redesigned.

  • Ability to replace the value of a selected point with an alternative, prior to a color inspection.

  • Users can be "locked out" after failing to use proper log-in credentials a predetermined amount of times (default of 10 attempts).

  • Locked-out users can now regain access to the Application by waiting for the configurable lockout period to end (default of 15 minutes) or by contacting their administrator.

  • Users can now recover passwords via email notification.

  • Users get password-expiry warnings 30, 15, 7, and 3 days ahead of time.

  • Temporary passwords are generated by the Application instead of an administrator.

  • Email notifications from a configurable address can be sent through the Application.

  • Administrators can activate or de-activate multiple user accounts at once using Batch mode.

  • USPS barcode support in Barcode Inspection Mode.

  • French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Korean, and Japanese translations of Application added.

  • Single users can no longer both e-sign and approve a given inspection report.

  • Reports requiring approval via e-signature now displayed prominently in Audit Trail.

  • Redesigned menus and icons.

  • Greater accessibility to shortcuts, which are now displayed in menus, tooltips, and a new reference guide.

  • Users can now pan by clicking SPACEBAR and moving the mouse.

  • Infinitton keypad support as an alternative control option.

Bug Fixes

  • Detected insertions and deletions during text inspections are now displayed more clearly, in the corresponding panel only.

  • Inspection reports now display selected Color Inspection action, when applicable.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop 5.3.0, please contact