Release date: 24 Aug. 2018

GlobalVision Desktop 5.2.2 marks the first 5.0 level release of our desktop platform to feature Mac support. As a result, Mac users now have access to Text and Spelling Inspection modes in the same application as the previously featured Graphics, Barcode, and Braille Inspection modes. This is a major update relative to the GlobalVision Desktop 5.2.1 release. 


  • Mac support (along with PC support).

  • JPEG files can now be loaded (in addition to JPG files).

  • Improved handling of red difference boxes.

Bug Fixes

  • Dieline now gets extracted, hidden when a Master file is loaded from a job path in the Job Wizard.

  • Profile names containing periods display correctly on all inspection reports.

  • No more crashes when saving inspection reports featuring only Min Font Point Size differences.

  • No more crashes when generating Text Inspection reports with unmatched images (Image Compare).

  • Ability to license Text/ Spelling electronic signatures using a network registration ID generated by GlobalVision Desktop software on Macs.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop 5.2.2, please contact