Release Date: June 6, 2022

GVD 5.11.0 focuses on simplifying the software usability, particularly by updating the crop tool and implementing client-focused features: the ability to set auto backups of the database, to install the database on any drive, to give feedback seamlessly, and to get notified when a new version is available.

Major achievement in this release: over 100 bugs were handled, including 25 customer crashes.

New Features

  • Crop tool improvements:

    • Extended cross-hair to facilitate area selection.

    • Improved behavior when editing previously cropped areas.

    • New crop region highlight to make it more obvious that only the cropped region will get inspected.

  • Ability to set up auto backups of the PostgreSQL database.

  • Ability to install the PostgreSQL database on other drives.

  • Notifications when new versions are available and what they include will now appear for online licensed users.

  • New feedback button available at all inspection stages.

Bug Fixes

  • Application crashes for multiple scenarios involving manual alignment.

  • Manual difference grouping tool does not work for differences on the edges of the artwork.

  • Barcode panel and user interface fixes.

  • Cannot perform a Spelling inspection when files have no live text on the first page.

  • Reports profile parameters info not matching the actual profile parameters.

  • … and many more.

Known Issues

  • Can rename workflow with a name already in use.

  • Issue with e-signature when it's over 35 characters long.

  • Braille Inspection - the - signs should be horizontal to 0 degree of sample if it was rotated.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop PC 5.11.0 please contact: