Release Date: December 6, 2021

GVD 5.10.0 provides changes in the User Interface allowing for a more streamlined inspection process by removing unnecessary steps and organizing the tools for a better user experience.

New Features

  • Contextualize the main software functionalities depending on the stage the user is in.

  • New default braille action for backside scans inspection.


  • Barcode detection performance improvement.

  • Improved Barcode cropping performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Clear markups button does not work when loading multiple files.

  • Approver timestamp shows incorrect timezone.

  • Crop uses wrong coordinates after the sample is rotated.

  • Different users with the same full name can't approve the report.

Known Issues

  • Crop remains selected even after its usage.

  • Unable to modify any character that is not a letter when making a new Braille Profile.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Desktop PC 5.10.0 please contact: