Release date: 06 Apr. 2018


  • New Text Inspection module. 

  • New Spelling Inspection module. 

Text and Spelling Updates 

Note: the following items are noted in comparison to DocuProof Enterprise: 

  • New simplified profiles to adjust inspection parameters used to produce inspection results. 

  • New advanced table detection logic resulting in reduced false positives and fewer grouping and synchronized issues. 

  • Ability to inspect varying types of tables (i.e., tables with different cell formats, tables with varying background colors).

  • New automatic resync feature to reduce false positives and improve synchronization issues.

  • New carton mode for inspecting labels and cartons with repetitive text.

  • Ability to remove QRD headers automatically without needing to create custom templates.

  • Improved speed of inspection.

  • Improved file-loading speed and capabilities (i.e., ability to load large pdf files and pdf files with annotations).

  • Improved zoom speed and capabilities (i.e., ability to zoom in/ out and pan on files of all sizes in a reasonable response time). 

  • Improved detection of font-type differences (i.e., font name, size, bold, italic, color, super/subscript). 

  • Improved inspection results for documents containing hidden text. 

  • Improved inspection results for Asian documents resulting in reduced false positives.

  • Improved spelling logic with respect to punctuation to prevent invalid spelling errors.

  • Updated spelling dictionaries to improve results.

  • Ability to ignore upper and lower case for better matching during the comparison.

Bug Fixes

  • Application no longer closes when PDF files containing a large number of graphical elements are loaded. 

  • Improved performance of the application when the audit trail contains a large number of entries. 

  • Ability to create the login and passwords with the accented characters (Foreign languages) 

  • Added the audit trail when closing the application