Release date: 31 Oct. 2017


New and Improved Interface:

  • PDFs are loaded directly into the software for faster loading and switching of layers and separations.

  • New Workflows and Job Wizard functionality to simplify the inspection process for print production or press operators. 

  •  Ability to view Inspection Reports directly within the software without an external PDF Viewer.

New and Improved Functionality- All Inspection Modes: 

  • Improved speed when loading PDF and AI files with new multi-threaded rasterizing.

  • Improved file loading speed for multi-page PDFs and booklets. 

  • Ability to specify a default directory to save inspection reports.

  • Automatic report file-name generation (a combination of the Product ID and Lot if entered).

  • Ability to specify a default directory to save image views.

  • Ability to rotate images in the Master/ Sample Panels after inspection. 

  • Ability to navigate through multi-page files after inspection. 

  • New color-coded buttons for difference levels in the Difference Details panel.

New and Improved Functionality - Graphics: 

  •  Ability to locate the difference in view easily in the overview panel to identify the physically printed sample.

  • Repeats are identified by row and column numbers.

  • Improved visibility of Repeats in Overview panel by removing Number overlay. 

  • New quicker inspection mode for press-sheet inspections (One-to-One).

  • Ability to right-click and select an alternate shape for artworks with multiple dielines with the same color. 

  • Ability to scan automatically directly into the software without a scanner interface. 

New and Improved Functionality - Barcode: 

  • Improved speed for barcode detection with the new multi-threaded inspection.

  • Improved the speed of detection of EAN/ UPC barcodes.

  •  Support for Code 32 barcodes. 

  • BWR is supported for all barcode types (exception: Laetus Pharmacode). 

  • Bar Width Reduction (BWR) is displayed in inches as well as millimeters in the report. 

  • Ability to select the following parameters to include when grading barcodes: Data Structure, Quiet Zone, Narrow Bar, Wide to Narrow Ratio.  

  • Option to fail to grade if Bar Width Reduction (BWR) is out of specified range. 

  • Parameter added to adjust narrow bar measurement to not include BWR (INI file setting). Default: BWR is included in the measurement.

New and Improved Functionality- Braille: 

  • Unified English Braille (UEB) added to the Braille library. 

Bug Fixes 

  • TIFF file with JPEG compression loads properly (sample-specific). 

  • Improved display of colors in loaded TIFF files.

  •   Colors in TIFF files no longer over-saturated (sample-specific). 

  • Repeats are no longer distorted/ skewed when "Correct distortion, rotation and skew" is enabled (sample-specific). 

  • Marquee and Trim region modes apply to all pages (All Pages Unsorted action) when an inspection is run from a separate page other than the one on which the region mode was applied.

  • Crop/ Trim/ Media Box selection applied correctly to pages after pages are reloaded and changed prior to inspection. 

  • Overprint is applied correctly to all pages in the Master/ Sample Panels after enabling/disabling.

  • PDF file loads correctly with or without Enable Overprint (sample-specific). 

  • Master and Sample Information panels do not display in the Inspection View (after being opened and not closed previously). 

  • Ability to group (include/ exclude) multiple differences even if the differences are not selected in the difference list. 

  • Inspection View (Forward) icon no longer displays after a failed multi inspection. 

  • Ability to apply marquee and trim to all, even, or odd pages.

  • Golden Master image is labeled on the inspection report when the Master is included in the report. 

  • Error message explaining the lack of Multi Inspection support for Braille Compare (Glue Dots) clarified. 

  • Region Mode is set to Full Page by default.
    o Image Padding no longer enabled by default when creating a new profile. 

  • Profile names display correctly when containing ampersands. 

  • Graphics profiles can be imported on Macintosh systems.

  • Barcode Inspection results are consistent between Macintosh and PC systems (sample-specific). 

  • BWR displayed with four digits after the decimal point in inches instead of three. 

  • German Braille translation displays correctly (sample-specific).

  • Bulgarian Braille detected correctly (sample-specific). 

  • Ability to use the tab key in the User Editor form to add information.

  • Audit Trail events listed in proper chronological order when sorted by date. 

  • Audit Trail description for Full Name edit corrected to indicate that the Full name was edited.

  • Audit Trail description for Compare (Glue Dots) no longer references app data folder. 

  • Temporary directories deleted upon exiting the application. 

  • TIFF files on Macintosh load properly (sample-specific).

  • Quit button to exit application no longer grays out on a Macintosh (specific scenarios). 

  • Correct profile names listed in the inspection report for standard (not admin) users. 

  • Application no longer crashes when saving a Single to Many inspection reports after previewing first. 

  • Inspection reports can be overwritten when saving a new report directly from the Report Options window. 

  • Objects aside from the dieline no longer disappear when marking dielines or hiding dieline separations (sample-specific).

  • Updated license server library to fix licensing issues and to allow for Licensing Key Manager option.

  • Ability to modify the Standard options (Brightness, Contrast, and Gamma) on the Scan360. 

  • The last-selected Scan360 profile is maintained in the Profile drop-down (does not revert to default).

  • The preview window zooms into the scanned image correctly (Scan360). 

  • Embossed Braille region detected when selecting an action after re-launching the application (specific scenario – user exits the application, re-launches application, changes the action prior to loading the files). 

  • New printed Braille validation tool (background color removed to eliminate noise).