Source and New Panels

To initiate the inspection process, you must have files loaded in both 1. Source and 2. New panels.

Start a New Session

To start a new session, you must load files using one of the following 3 methods:

Note: All methods apply for both Source and New panels

  • 3. Drag and Drop

  • 4. Load files from Library

  • 5. Load files from a File Browser

When two files are loaded, you have the ability to name your Session:

  • Click on the Project text field

  • Enter the desired name

Note: If you choose not to provide a name, the default name of your session will be Inspection and a number that increases incrementally (Inspection 1, Inspection 2, etc.).

1. Drag and Drop

Load any file by dragging it from your chosen file storage location and releasing it in the Source and/or New panel.

  • Click on the file you wish to upload

  • Drag the file into the desired panel

  • Release the file

2. Library

Re-load a previously uploaded file from the Library.

  • Click on Library

    • Click Back to return to the loading screen

  • Select the file you wish to upload under Recent Files.

    • The file will load once selected

3. File Browser

Upload a new file in the Source and/or New panel

  • Click Browse in the chosen panel

  • Select the file you wish to upload

  • Click Open (or double click the desired file)

Loading Recent Sessions

Re-loading a recent session will display previously initiated or completed inspections.

  • Click one of the sessions listed under Recent Sessions.

    • The session will load the way you left it

Ultimately, when you load your files successfully, it should look something like this:

  • To remove the uploaded file, click the X at the top right corner of the panel (magnified in the screenshot below).

    • You will then return to the Library page.

Note: If you click X at the top right corner of the Source panel after running an inspection, you will lose all the results of your Inspection.