Release date: 27th July 2022

Verify 2022.2 provides easier and more efficient operation by supporting multiple browsers and file types for uploading, and it focuses on improvements for Barcodes and Graphics inspections, with a more compact reporting structure for all inspections.

New Features

  • Inspection of Barcodes, including both identification and inspection of a barcode within a standard text inspection, is possible.

  • Auto-matching of graphics zones, with the possibility of manual adjusting with zoning tools.

  • Summary Report is now available that includes a summary of all inspections, including a quantitative analysis of the distribution of differences, and the newly annotated inspection result.


  • Microsoft Edge is now supported as well, next to the already supported Google Chrome.

  • New file types are supported for inspection, including Microsoft Office products as well - Excel, and Powerpoint.

Known Issues

  • Spelling Inspection performed on "Cross Out" text

  • Error Loading results with scanned files being OCR’d

  • Shifted Graphics is not accounting for file rotation

  • Text Zones are not identified on the Results Panel

Bug Fixes

  • Annotation Difference Card missing a red discard button

  • Library UI Incorrect Column Header

  • Using the "Clear All" option does not disable Scaled/Shift Graphics Tools

  • Graphics default sub-card comments are not automatically deleted when the user starts typing in the comment field

  • Refreshing empty inspection kills the session

  • Failure fetching reports for files with no live text

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