Release date: 20th April 2022

Verify 2022.1 includes several features that expand the abilities of graphics comparison in Verify and will also further automate inspections, easing verification processes for users.

New Features

  • Automated detection of graphic differences.

  • Automatically discarding graphics Zones with no differences.

  • Ability to create custom spelling dictionaries.

  • Scaled graphic zones to inspect artwork zones with varying scales.

  • Team list exporting functionality.


  • Marquee zone is now a crosshair cursor.

  • User last login date available.

  • UX/UI improvements (new icons, size, colours, etc.).

  • Remove location differences.

Known Issues

  • Deletion Marker tooltip is not displayed on New when selecting a difference on Source or New.

  • Change Grid does not default to Left to Right when changing Reading Direction in Prep stage after an Inspection.

  • Shifted Graphics not accounting for file rotation.

  • Upload file library limit of 16000 files.

Bug Fixes

  • Long report title causes the report to vanish.

  • Pagination problem on MyTeam Table.

  • Unsaved comments are cleared when scrolled out of frame.

  • Incorrect Text Zone numbering order when returning to the prep stage.

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