Release date: 26th January 2022

Verify 2021.4 features enhancements that set the foundation for graphics comparison in Verify and Integrating further into customers’ workflows

New Features

  • Full Page Graphic Compare checkbox allowing for graphic inspections on entire pages.

  • Graphic Differences Communications allows users to manually create annotations around the actual differences within a graphic region in the results tab.

  • Ability to navigate through grouped identical differences to ensure all are verified.

  • Medical Dictionary is available for English languages.

  • Ability to confirm intended changes on annotated files.


  • “Select/Unselect All” checkbox added when filtering difference types.

Known Issues

  • Graphics comparison is not possible for Source/New files rotated in different orientations.

  • Deletion Marker tooltip is not displayed when selecting the difference box on the Source file.

  • Difference boxes shifted in Verify report stage.

  • Change Grid does not default to Left to Right when changing Reading Direction in Prep stage after an Inspection.

  • Hovered annotations are ordered (Oldest to Newest) by “Creation” date rather than “Edit” Date

Bug Fixes

  • Sub-Card Cancel button gets disabled occasionally.

  • Removing both "Source" and "New" files from an inspection kills the session.

  • Difference card list scrolling when clicked.

  • Sub-cards collapse when user scrolls them out of frame.

  • Users must interact with an inspection created through the APIs before clicking inspect.

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