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Release date: 5th October 2021

Verify 2021.3 is the second official release of GlobalVision’s newest web-based inspection platform.

New Features

  • New Marquee Zone tool giving users the ability to select text independently from the document’s reading order

  • Public API’s are now available for seamless integration

  • Clicking space while a prep tool is selected now activates the panning tool


  • The Zone Graphics feature has been expanded for use when the inspected artwork is not in the same location on both files.

  • Zooming at an exponential level

  • Linebreak space differences are now detected as space differences

Known Issues

  • Difference box shifts when reaching the report stage on a specific file

  • Difference skipped when grouped within another larger difference area

  • Change Grid does not default to Left to Right when changing Reading Direction in Prep stage after an Inspection

  • Deletion Marker tooltip is not displayed when selecting the difference box on the Source file (Note: it is displayed when selection the deletion difference card)

  • Users must interact with an inspection created through the APIs before clicking inspect

To get a demo of Verify, please visit

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