Release date: 25th May 2021

Verify Version 2021.2 marks the first official release of GlobalVision’s newest web-based inspection platform.

New Features

  • Perform a Text inspection on two documents with live text 

    • Detect up to 14 Text difference types such as insertion, deletion, change, font differences, etc. 

    • Supported files: PDF, DOCX/DOC 

  • Mark-up files for partial or targeted inspections 

  • Spellcheck documents in over 37 foreign languages

  • Comment on detected differences to communicate possible changes

  • Generate and download an annotated difference report

  • Automatically save sessions at any stage of the inspection

  • Automatically save uploaded files

  • Manage users in your organization under ‘My Team’

  • Generate and download an Audit Trail

  • Auto Logout after 15 min. of inactivity

  • Right-to-Left Change Grid display

  • Difference types Space, Hyphen, Case added to Change Grid

To get a demo of Verify, please visit