Once an inspection is run, the report can be saved, shared via email, and downloaded as a PDF. 

The corresponding icons are available at the top right of the Inspection Panel.

1. Sharing a report

Click Share Report on the top-right corner of the Report panel. 

Enter the email address(es) of the recipients in the field that appears and click Share

To share the report with multiple recipients, separate the addresses with a semi-colon. Example: emailaddress1@globalvision.co; emailaddress2@globalvision.co.

2. Change sample

If you ran a Graphics or Text inspection, click Change sample to switch the file uploaded in the sample panel.

3. Downloading a report

There are two ways to download a PDF report:

On the Home page, check the box on the far-right side of the report and click Download selected file(s). Then click Continue

Alternatively, from the Report panel, click Download the PDF Report at the top-right corner of the panel. Then click the Download Report.

Report Options Breakdown

  • Selecting difference levels to include in the report

In the Report Options window, check the box next to the level(s) to be included. If none of the levels are selected, all of them will be included in the report.

  • Create annotated artwork file

Create annotated artwork file downloads the original artwork file with annotated differences to a PDF file. 

Annotations with the inspection results for the selected levels are automatically added to the file. The annotations that you see in the report are notes that are added to each difference. You can view them by clicking the red-numbered tag associated with each difference. If you have PDF-editing software, you can even edit the annotations by double-clicking the numbered tag.

  • Include Master file in the report

To include the Master image in the report click Include Master file. It is located at the bottom of the Report Options window. Initially, it is available when you click Download the PDF Report or Download selected files but it appears to be hidden once you click Create annotated artwork file.

Note: If you don't see Include the Master file, uncheck Create annotated artwork file.

  • Include Image Report

For Text inspections, Include Image Report appears as an additional option. To include thumbnails of embedded images that had been compared in the report, click Include Image Report.

  • Group Duplicate Spelling Errors

For Spelling inspections, Group Duplicate Spelling Errors appears as an additional option. To group duplicate differences in the report, click Group Duplicate Spelling Errors.

  • Include (Module) Report Parameters

This section of the report displays the settings used by GVW to run the inspection.

Comment Field allows the user to enter additional relevant comments about the inspection if necessary when downloading the report.