Summary: How to use filter tools to make your job easier

A master file may contain dielines and show up as a difference when the Sample doesn't. You can modify the layer options to remove any elements, such as dielines within the graphics. The Layers icon is found at the top of the Graphics Inspection inspection view. This feature is used because sometimes the Master and Sample files are not printed the same way, leaving out details. 

Here are some other functions you can use within the layers function: 

  • Spot Layers: You can manually manipulate colors by turning them on and off. This can be used when one color doesn’t appear on a file but does on another. For example, if pink is displayed in one area of a sample file and not on the master, you can use the spot layer option to remove the color, so it won’t come up as a difference. 

  • Overprint:This feature is used when there is an overlapping of colors. For example, when pink and blue and mixed together it will create purple. By using the overprint feature, you can select the area- in the case the color purple- and remove it from inspection. If this were not removed, the purple would be identified as a difference.