Release date: March 5, 2022 - APP Server

GVW 3.10.0 is a validated release that features enhancements in the User Interface, difference navigation, and inspection reporting.

New Features

  • Embedded difference list in Text and Spelling inspections.

  • Ability to Group identical differences in Text and Spelling Inspections.

  • Ability to filter Text and Spelling differences that will appear in the report within the embedded difference list.

  • Resolution options added to Graphics, Barcode, and Braille modules.

  • Zoom adjustment when navigating through differences in all modules.

  • QuickSwitcher update allowing users to save all markups and settings after running an inspection.


  • Upgraded profiles when running a Graphics inspection.

  • Updated status when running inspections.

Bug Fixes

  • Displaying the time zone EST on reports.

Known Issues

  • The list of Layers and Separations detected is inconsistent with that of certain PDF viewers/readers.

  • Certain Text Inspection change differences are detected as insertion/deletion pairs.

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