Release date: September 12, 2021 

GVW 3.9 features major improvements in the backend, allowing for compatibility with newer technology and an overall more robust application.

New Features

  • Ability to electronically add comments when generating a report.

  • Automatic electronic signature under ‘Performed by’ when generating a report.

  • Layers and Separations are now available for Spelling, Barcode, and Braille modules.

  • Ability to hide all differences found following an inspection except for the one selected.

  • Single Sign-on available for privately hosted servers supporting SAML standard.


  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2019.

  • Upgraded inspection engine to improve the algorithm.

  • Improved ability to perform partial inspections by setting the shape region using the layers and separations from the document.

  • Skip/Ignore all feature has been improved to better combine identical differences and to be able to retrieve them again.

  • User management improvement for editing users and sending account verification and password reset emails.

  • Improved user creation flow.

  • Improved text detection when using the Zoning tool.

  • Improved color detection when using the Color Picker tool.

Known Issues

  • The list of Layers and Separations detected is inconsistent with that of certain PDF viewers/readers.

  • Certain Text Inspection change differences are detected as insertion/deletion pairs.

Bug Fixes

  • Barcode Inspection resulting in the detection of multiple invisible barcodes.

  • Image compare thumbnails not appearing in Text Inspection.

  • 400+ bugs resolved.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Web 3.9.0, please contact