Release date: 1 October 2020

Release 3.8.0 offers an improved Text module, pertaining specifically to location differences. Furthermore, EULA agreement for users, multiple ways to cancel a running inspection, the ability to have custom profiles for Barcode as well as an improved inspection logic.

New Features

  • Removing reading order correction for improved location difference detection

  • Grouping of all hyphen types to one category, “Hyphens”

  • Allow the user to cancel current running inspections

  • Not allow user to inspect files without live text

  • Limit a user to a set number of inspections at once to improve speed and performance

  • Allow the user to select profiles for Barcode Inspections

  • New report naming convention (Date_Time_Module_User)

Bug Fixes

  • Correction of inconsistency with font size for Text inspection header

  • Removed unwanted URL from module name in inspection menu

  • Correction of Text inspection report to display images

  • Correction of problematic files not loading in the Notes module

To upgrade to GlobalVision Web 3.8.0, please contact

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