Release date: 09 Nov. 2018

GlobalVision Web 3.3.0 is a general-maintenance release containing bug fixes, but several new features too, including an updated Graphics Inspection mode.

This is the update from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0. This is a validated release.


  • Mozilla Firefox now supported.

  • Flash panel in Graphics Inspection can be resized or popped out into a separate browser window.

  • Master and Sample panels in Graphics Inspection can be hidden from view.

  • Graphics and Text inspection views now show total number of differences (instead of ID numbers).

  • Inspection Options icon has been replaced with the Inspect button.

  • Locked-out users can re-authenticate their accounts on their own instead of having to contact their administrator.

  • Warning messages now display before accounts expire.

  • Sessions time out after 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

  • Option to email reports to third parties has been removed from individual file-upload screens.

  • Maintenance Message window and Login, Forgot Password, and Reset Password pages have been redesigned.

  • Pop-up warning messages have been embedded in the Login page.

  • "Please contact the system administrator" message is now linked to the GlobalVision support web page.

  • Sign-up link to the GlobalVision contact page has been added on the Login page.

  • Zoning search functionality on doc/ docx files now finds matching text strings in the sample.  

  • Text and Spelling Inspection errors are now all highlighted in red (instead of being color-coded).

Bug Fixes

  • URL encoding for file names is now supported.

  • Spelling Inspection Difference List is no longer misaligned.

  • Warning message has been added for when files loaded in Graphics are unsuitable for inspection.

To upgrade to GlobalVision Web 3.3.0, please contact

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