Release date: 11 Aug. 2017


  • New re-designed interface for GlobalVision Web.

  • New app names – Text, Spelling, Graphics, Barcode, Braille, and Notes.

  • New support for HTML5 for viewing files (Java and additional plug-ins are no longer required on the client).

  • Option to enable or disable email notifications when the inspection is complete. 

  • Inspection date/ time displayed on the report (not the downloaded date/ time). 

  • Option to hide the “Performed By” signature field on the inspection report. 

  • Support for Overprint preview. 

Graphics Inspection Updates: 

  • Ability to view and toggle separations for inspection.

Text Inspection Updates: 

  • “Select by Area” is the default functionality to select text to underline/ cross-out/ zone; If unchecked, text selection is by reading order.

  • Red boxes replace color-coded highlights when navigating through differences.

Spelling Inspection Updates: 

  • Red boxes replace color-coded highlights when navigating through differences.

Braille Inspection Updates: 

  • Braille language library updated with Unified English Braille (UEB).

  • Braille language library updated with European Braille Code (EBU).

Bug Fixes  

  • Ability to load large PDF files (no Java heap-space error). 

  • Ability to load files with Finnish symbols in the file name. 

  • Ability to enter email address where the domain name contains a hyphen. 

  • Ability to run inspections on touch-screen devices (Java no longer required). 

  • Improved speed when loading files with HTML5.

  • Ability to load SPL files correctly (files had not been loading due to security added to the Food and Drug Administration website when downloading style sheets). 

Graphics Inspection Bug Fixes: 

  • Background colors in Master and Sample files match Adobe colors (sample specific).

  • Quicker response time when navigating through differences (sample specific).

  • Large PDF files (up to 200 MB) can be loaded (sample specific).

  • Master and Sample files display once loaded instead of blank panels (sample specific).

  • Ability to inspect files where the trim inspection region is defined and a crop is applied. 

  • Flash panel displays/ re-sizes properly for all files

Text Inspection Bug Fixes: 

  • Change Grid scroll bar returns to initial position when navigating through differences.

  • Deletion or insertion differences spanning more than one page are enclosed completely in the red box.

  • Master document no longer magnifies when Show Live Text is toggled after an inspection.

  • Report downloads and differences appear both in Change Grid and Difference List (sample specific).

  • Columns do not overlap and display properly on Master and Sample files (sample specific).

  • Blank Master and Report panels and slow response time no longer result when navigating through differences and assigning levels and comments (sample specific).

  • Hidden formatting symbols in files are correctly not underlined or crossed out.

  • Ability to enter same value for both comment and level.

  • Improved QRD inspection results when using AutoQRD mode. 

  • Image Compare – Images are displayed properly in the Flash panel. 

  • Image Compare – Ability to compare embedded vs. vector images. 

Braille Inspection Bug Fixes:

  • Mu symbol,” µ”, added to following Braille language libraries: Croatian, EBU, English (UK), Estonian, German, Hungarian, Irish (Gaelic), Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, and Spanish.

Notes Bug Fixes:

  • Annotations are retained when multiple users annotate the same file. 

  • Annotations with special characters are displayed properly in the Notes panel.