Actions dictate the type of inspection that is run, as requirements vary from use case to use case. Actions can be easily selected by all users via the Action drop-down list at the top of the user interface.



Description/ File Types

Text Inspection

Compare (All Pages)

Compare all pages in the Master panel to all pages in the Sample panel.



Different inspection algorithms are used depending on the selected profile, which should be set based on the type of files inspected. Each profile has parameters that alter the way the inspection algorithm perceives and reports differences. Therefore, it is important the correct profile be selected for the best results.

The Application is installed with the default profiles listed in the table below, each featuring default parameter values. Administrators (or user groups with Manage profiles access) can add, rename, and delete profiles.

However, Default profiles cannot be renamed or deleted, only Custom profiles can.



Description/ File Types

Text Inspection


Compare live text content for both different layouts and same layouts documents. A string of words on the Master will only be matched and compared with one element on the Sample.


Compare a master document formatted as a QRD template with a sample document.

Text to Artwork

Compare the text content of a line by line format document to an Artwork. A string of words on the Master can be matched and compared to multiple ones on the Sample.


Text to artwork