Once GVD is installed, Administrators given the credentials can create users.

Note: The Application is installed with a default administrator account. To obtain the default administrator username and password, contact GlobalVision Support by email at support@globalvision.co or by telephone at 1-800-501-0511.


To log in to the Application:

  • Click the Application shortcut on your desktop. The Login window displays.

Login Window


  • Enter your Username and Password and click Login.

Note: First-time login will require you to enter the default administrator username and password provided upon installation of the application.

Change Password

To change your password:

  • Click MenuChange Password.

  • The Password window displays, allowing you to create a new password: 

  • Enter your old password in the Old Password text box.

  • Enter your new password in the New Password text box.

  • Enter your new password again in the Confirm Password text box.

  • Click Accept. Click OK once the notification window displays.

Note: Only applicable for valid local user accounts. Go to Add Local User Account to learn more about local user creation and management.


To log out of the Application:

  • Click Menu → Logout to save your session and return to the Login window.

To exit the Application and ensure all changes made to the system go into effect with the next log-in:

  • Click the X at the top of the window.


The following options are available to you upon clicking the Help  icon:

  • Select About to get version details about the Application.

  • Select Shortcuts to display all keyboard shortcuts.

  • Select Video Tutorial to consult GlobalVision support videos on particular features.

  • Select Give Feedback to request new features or report bugs.

  • Select GlobalVision Support to link to the GlobalVision online knowledge base.

  • Select Licensing to display the Serial Number and Company Name.