1. How can I do a Password Reset?

Answer: Please contact admin

  • Admin

  • Select the user and Press edit.

2. How can I Export Profiles?

  • Admin: Select the Profile drop-down and click Manage.

  • To export the Profile: Select the profile in the list and click export.

  • Select the destination you would like to export it (Desktop, folder, etc.)

3. How can I Import Profiles?

  • Admin: Select the Profile drop-down and click Manage.

  • To Import the Profile: Select Import in the list.

4. How can I run multiple inspections at once (Text and Graphics, Spell)?

  • Make sure to check the boxes you want

  • In this case, we checked the graphics and text inspection.

  • Click inspect.

  • You will see both inspections ready on the left-hand side.

5. How can I save the report in the area I want (specific folder)?

  • When the report Options Opens, Select Report Path.

  • From there you can choose where you want to save the report.

6. If I want to upload different files do I need to always close the GlobalVision application?


  • On the top left corner, there is a refresh ICON.

  • You will have a message box that will confirm if you want to clear the Documents and press YES.

7. If I have clicked the inspect button can I go back to the original page with the layers and Separations?


  • When going through the differences page and you want to go back to the "main" page you will have a back button on the top left side that will allow this to happen.

  • IF you would like to go back to the difference page the same button with the arrow pointing towards the right will be available.

8. I have uploaded the wrong sample file do I need to close the program and open it again?


On the right side of the sample side, "X" click on it

9. Can I change the DPI settings on GVD


  • You can prior to uploading the files please click on the "Hamburger" menu and select resolution. From there you can choose a custom DPI.

  • The New custom DPI will remain until you change the resolution again.