Summary: Using Epson Scan with your GlobalVision F3/ F4 flatbed scanner

To scan document(s) into GlobalVision using Epson Scan software: Launch GlobalVision and ensure Show Scanner interface is checked in the Preferences window, which can be accessed via the File Menu. If this option is unchecked, any scans will load directly in GlobalVision instead of in Epson Scan instead.

Next, ensure your GlobalVision flatbed scanner is connected and click Select Source under the Scanner Menu and select the correct scanner. From the same menu, click to scan the master or scan the sample, which will prompt Epson Scan to launch.

Place the sample in the scanner and verify the settings for "Document Type", "Auto Exposure Type", "Image Type", and "Resolution". See the table at the bottom of the page for descriptions.

Click the "Preview" button to start pre-scanning. Once the image is scanned, it displays in the "Preview" window.

If required, use options in the Epson Scan "Main" window to adjust settings. Observe the result of changes made to settings in "Preview" window. 

Marquee select the area to scan in the "Preview" window. Click on the button indicated in the image below to automatically locate the image scanned. Adjust area as required by clicking and dragging the dotted line around auto located image to desired size.

Click the "Scan" button in the Epson Scan "Main" window.

Once the image is scanned, it loads in GlobalVision.