Question: I purchased the Print, Digimarc, and/or Color add-ons but the modules are greyed out. What should I do?


After purchasing the add-on module(s), the client would firstly need to enable these modules in order to be able to make use of them.

To do this, please consider the following steps:

Step 1 - Login as the administrator.

​​​​​​​Step 2 - Select Menu>Administration>User Manager.

Step 3 - The User Manager window will open. Select ‘Manage Groups' to open the ‘Group Management’ Window.

Step 4 - With the ‘Group Management’ window open, for Group ‘Administrator’, place a checkbox for all the purchased add-on modules; ‘Print’, ‘Digimarc’, and/or ‘Color'.

Step 5 - Re-launch the application for the changes to be enabled.

If after performing the steps listed above, the add-on modules still remain greyed out, please contact for assistance.