Authored by: Kishor Patel
Created:  03-Mar-2021

Replacing IQ Flex Scanner Lid hinges.

Follow the step-by-step images below to replace the hinges. 

1: Image of scanner lid hinges.

2: With the scanner lid open. Hold the lid on both sides and then lift the lid out of the scanner hinge sockets applying even pressure on both sides of the lid. The lid is not fastened into the scanner hinge sockets by any screws or bolts.

3: Place the lid on a table overhanging the Hinge section as per the image below. This will provide a working room to replace the hinges. 

Note: Place a protective cloth or bubble wrap between the table and the lid to prevent scratching the white background on the scanner lid.

4: Next, Using a 5 mm Allen key tool. Remove the three grey Allen key bolts on top of the lid. Hold the hinge from below, to prevent the hinge from falling down. 

5: Reuse the two spacer plates that come out with the old hinge. 

See the below image.

6: The image below shows the bottom of the lid with the hinge removed.

7: While holding the hinge from below, fasten the three Allen Key bolts onto the previous positions of the Allen Key bolts before tightening them. This will ensure that the lid alignment will not change with the new hinge installations. Do not overtighten the bolts.

8: Hinge is now installed onto the lid. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for the second hinge.

9: Reinstall the scanner lid onto the scanner. Slide the left and right hinges into the two allotted hinge slots on the scanner. 

See the below image.

10: The hinges are now replaced.


IQ Flex Scanner Hinge Replacement.pdf