Executing a scan

This scanner does not currently integrate directly with GVD. You must instead use Batch Scan Wizard which comes pre-installed on GlobalVision certified PCs. A scan is executed in the Batch Scan Wizard software, saved, and then loaded in GVD.

Once the sample is placed on the scanner open Batch Scan Wizard from the desktop icon

Once open click the job dialog button

Name the job and click create

Select a scanning profile

Execute a scan

Double click the image and press the save scan button. Save the file to a location that is easily accessible as this file will be loaded into GVD.

By pressing the scan button again another scan will be executed and displayed in the next pane. To save this new scan double click the image and press the save scan button

Modifying Scan Parameters

The following scanning parameters can be modified. When parameters are modified you will need to re-scan. 

Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen, Gamma - These settings are controlled by the sliders. 

Resolution - The scanner can scan up to 1200 dpi

File type - text

Scan speed - In the scan settings menu the speed of the scanner head can be controlled

Light balance - In the scan settings menu the direction of the lighting can be changed to create a 3D effect. First, change the illumination parameter to 3D light.

With this parameter selected you can change the direction of the light with the 3d_light slider