Before cleaning the scan area, turn off the scanner. Open the lid to expose the scan area.

Clean the glass with a lint-free cloth and a mild, streak-free glass cleaner. Dry the glass completely using a separate clean, dry lent-free cloth. Do not use abrasives or fluids that contain acetone or benzene. Do no spray liquids directly on the scanner class plate.

White Balance (Every 30 days or 5000 scans)

To perform a white balance, place the white calibration sheet on the scan bed

Navigate to the scanner homepage and go to the Setup Device menu

Login as a Poweruser with the following credentials. Username: Poweruser; Password: Poweruser

In the Adjustments & Support section click on Adjustments

In the White Balance Adjustments section click on White Balance

Click Next Step

Once the white balance has successfully completed you should see the following

Make sure to place the white target back in the sleeve

Cleaning rails (Every 30 days or 5000 scans)

The scanner head slides on self-lubricating linear rails. In order to ensure proper working condition the rails must be cleaned every 30 days or every 5000 scans. The first step is to properly shut down your scanner. Once the scanner is shut down remove the power cable. Now remove both front and back panels to expose the inside. This is done with a 4-mm hex key. 

If the scanner head did not go all the way to the home position move it slowly by pushing the head making sure to avoid any electronics.

To clean the rails use either a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Pointing away from the opened scanner, spray the cloth with a water based lubricant (WD-40). Wipe the cloth on the entire length of both rails making sure to clean the inner and outer lips of the rails.

Replace panels and start up the scanner.

Summary Table

This table outlines the recommended frequencies for maintenance