Erroneous text may appear and/or be detected on final printed materials.


  • Text is hidden instead of deleted.

  • Text is covered with an image or another layer to hide it.

  • Full transparency is applied to a text layer.

  • The text color is the same as the background color.

  • Text is overlaid on top of other text.




✅ Name all your text layers, so you don’t lose track of them.

✅ Standardize on layer names.

✅ Delete all unused layers before creating a PDF.

✅ Apply a program-filter shadow.


❌ Make your text the same color as the background.

❌ Cover your text with images and graphics.

❌ Create PDF documents with hidden layers.

❌ Place live text layers under the background layer.

❌ Duplicate text to create an effect (i.e. shadows/ bold).


The following steps may be applied in Adobe Acrobat Pro to display hidden text:

  • Go to Tools and select Protection.

  • Select Remove Hidden Information.

  • Ensure Hidden Text is checked off.

  • Open the Hidden Text window and check off Show Only Hidden Text.

  • Ensure the hidden text does not contain any vital information.