Summary: Regular maintenance of your GlobalVision cylinder scanner

Only administrators and managers can click to eject the CCD for the purposes of cleaning the GlobalVision C8 (on an as-needed basis).

The following steps outline this process:

Open the lid of the scanner by gently pushing up. Launch the GlobalVision software and the scanner interface (by clicking to scan either the Master or Sample). In the scanner interface, access the Advanced Options and click Eject CCD.

Turn off the scanner and unplug it. Carefully lay the scanner down on its back side on a soft surface (over a towel on a desk, for example).

Affix a static-free cloth to the end of a tongue depressor (or similar instrument that is just as thin). Gently pass it over the mirror inside the scanner and then between the CCD and the bottom plate of scanner.

Place the scanner right side up, plug it in, power it up, and click Eject CCD again to retract it back inside.