Summary: Regular maintenance on your GlobalVision flatbed scanner

Cleaning your A2 HD IFLEX scanner

Before cleaning the scan area, be sure to turn the scanner power off.

Flip the cover upwards to expose the scan area.

Clean the glass with a lint-free cloth and a mild, streak-free glass cleaner. Dry the glass completely using a separate clean, dry lint-free cloth like the one provided with the maintenance kit. Do not use abrasives or fluids that contain acetone or benzene. Do not spray liquids directly on the scanner glass plate or anywhere else in the scanner.

The white scanning area background plate is on the backside of the pressure plate. Wipe the white area with a lint-free cloth and a mild, streak-free glass cleaner. Apply the cleaner to the cloth and first wipe the plate‚Äôs white area. Dry the plate completely using separate clean, dry lint-free cloth. Do not use abrasives or fluids that contain acetone or benzene. 

Maintaining your A2 HD IFLEX scanner

The WIDEsystem software provides the information and calibration tools necessary to maintain the quality and life of the scanner. It contains the "Status" of the scanner, general "Information", an hour "Log", and a "Timer".

To view the scanner and maintenance status: Double-click on the WIDEsystem icon icon in the system tray. Click on the "Status" tab in the WIDEsystem window that appears.

To view information about the A2 Scanner, such as firmware version and serial number: Click the "Info" tab.

To view information about scanner activity, such as number of scans performed and total time that the scanner has been turned on: Click the "Status" tab and scroll down to the bottom to view the scanner activity log. It is recommended to change the lamp after 16,000 hours of use.

To enable the A2 scanner to enter into "Sleep" mode after a specified idle time: Click on the "Timer" tab and set the desired idle time.

Click "OK" to save the changes and close the WIDEsystem window.

Regular maintenance of your A2 HD IFLEX scanner

This table outlines the recommended frequencies for the replacement and maintenance of key components:

Scanner Conditions


Clean Glass Plate

3 days

Clean White Plate

3 days

Camera Alignment

30 days

Camera Callibration

30 days

Callibration Chart Replacement

365 days

Scanner Sleve Replacement

365 days

Service Check

365 days

System Backup(All Directories)

Internal backup by local administrator at regular intervals

*Replacement of key components is dependent on usage and should be verified by an authorized technician prior to replacement. The authorized technician may recommend replacement prior to the number of days specified if required. In addition, the authorized technician may recommend additional maintenance on the scanner as required. 

 ** Performed under Global Vision service contract by an authorized technician. 

*** It is imperative that the scanner be connected to a dedicated power supply. If not, performance can be dramatically affected.