Summary: Hardware set-up and calibration of your GV cylinder scanner

The following sections describe the pre-scanning process when using your GlobalVision C8 cylinder scanner.

Hardware set-up

To set up the GlobalVision C8: Ensure the scanner is on a secure, level platform with minimal vibration.

Connect the power cord to a power supply that complies with specification and then to the Power Adapter port on the back of the scanner.

Connect the USB cable to the back of the USB Adapter port and then to the computer USB input

Placing the sample

To place your sample (cylindrical object) prior to the scanning process: Ensure the software is installed and the scanner is set up and on (blue light turns on). Once the scanner has initialized (yellow light turns solid), lift the scanner lid by gently pushing up. The lid locks in place and the Support Bars raise to the position of the last scan.

If necessary, place a custom insert in the cylindrical object to be scanned, to ensure it maintains its shape. For clear cylindrical objects, place a colored paper stock inside to match the PDF file or actual product packaging.

Place the object on the Support Bars to the left of the Support Bar Guides and within the Scan Area indicated on the lid. Evenly distribute the object's weight across the rollers by sliding/ adjusting them and leaving some space on both sides of each roller. For cylindrical objects with ridges, adjust the rollers so they are positioned on the outside.

Adjust the height of the Support Bars by pressing the Up and Down buttons, until the green light turns on. This indicates the object is at the correct distance from the internal scanner. The lid closes automatically once the green light turns on. The Support Bars may re-adjust to ensure the distance between the object and scanner head always stays the same. A scan is initiated in the GlobalVision C8 software.

Setting the resolution

The preview resolution defaults to 100 DPI. To set another resolution to scan samples: Launch the GlobalVision software, selection Resolution in the File Menu and choose between the options available in DPI (300, 400, maximum of 600).

Selecting the scanner source

To select your source (scanner) and start scanning: On the Main toolbar, click Select Source in the Scanner Menu. Select "GlobalVIsion C8" from the Scanner Selection window that appears and click Select.